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The programs that do accept will international candidates typically will have this listed in their program description. It is expected that international applicants will have completed a post-graduate course of training in their country in general surgery, plastic surgery or otolaryngology, and that this course of training is comparable to the requirements established for the United States and Canada. Acceptance of international applicants is at the discretion of each individual Program Director.

The ATC approved fellowship spots will be held for candidates in the match until after the match has been completed on July 1, Those who complete a fellowship will receive a certificate from their fellowship program verifying their participation as an international fellow in head and neck surgery.

Upon the completion of the FY match process on July 1,your application will be distributed to the programs that wish to review international applicants. For further information, please contact JJ Jackman at jj ahns.

Head and Neck Fellowship

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fellowships in head and neck surgery for international students

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American Board of Surgerycredit for foreign graduate education.The University of Minnesota Department of Otolaryngology has cultivated a supportive and challenging educational environment for both residents and fellows that provides a diverse training experience to prepare physicians for successful careers, equipping them to become leaders in their field.

The department offers four fellowship programs. Learn more about each specific fellowship below or contact our education office brueg umn. Peter Hilger and Dr. Harley Dresneris to prepare fellows to confidently begin the independent practice of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Six board-certified facial plastic surgeons are on faculty. In addition, the fellowship includes three microvascular surgeons, an oculoplastic surgeon, and three pediatric otolaryngologists whose practice includes craniofacial surgery. The George L. This fellowship is intended to extend the reach of global initiatives begun by the Department of Otolaryngology to countries with higher rates of head and neck cancer.

AHNS Accredited Fellowships

The program aims to provide international scholars with the opportunity to collaborate with our faculty and to develop their research skills, and to establish international partnerships with outstanding universities across the globe.

More Information. Application Form. The Fellowship emphasizes pediatric facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, craniofacial surgery, complex airway reconstruction, head and neck cancer, and skull base surgery, and middle ear and cochlear implant surgery.

This fellowship is based at Children's Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota.

Meet head and neck surgical oncologist Ed Diaz

George L. Watson Award Dr. Garay Caleb D. Vogt Dalton Hermans Dieter D. Okafor Fathima A. Mohamed Jenna K. Riedl Kacey Guenther Kelsey M. Wanhainen Kevin J.

Lin Laura Padilla Lee A. Meier Madeline W. David Noah V. Gavil Olivia Smith Philip J. What Is Whole Body Donation?The United States does not have a monopoly on otolaryngology best-practice and an American travelling overseas is likely to encounter some techniques that are better than what they were taught as residents, some that are worse, and some that are just different. However, exposure to different techniques and unfamiliar ways of thinking harbors the potential for tremendous professional enrichment.

In Australia I learned techniques that were both eclectic and outstanding while being exposed to a patient population wherein several otologic disease conditions were much more common than in the USA.

Overall, I feel confident that the surgical training I received in my fellowship was equal or better to training that I could have obtained as a fellow in the United States; however, overseas training experiences can vary and not every American that has traveled abroad for a fellowship would share my enthusiasm.

As an American, there are some important angles that should be considered when deciding whether or not to head abroad, and I will discuss these below.

I acknowledge upfront that most of the examples I will use apply to otology, but hopefully you can translate these illustrations to any subspecialty. Also much of what I will discuss pertains to clinical training, so also keep in mind that research training may be a separate issue to consider depending on your career goals. For example, in some programs a fellow is actually a more exalted role as compared to fellows in the USA.

In my fellowship I assumed the position of a junior faculty member at a large public hospital overseeing the otology service with my own clinic and my own operating room time. I was held personally liable for the care and follow up of patients and it was my responsibility to seek assistance from my fellowship director when needed. In contrast, some oversees fellows enjoy less autonomy than what is typical in the USA and some programs may in fact be observational, ranging from acting as a surgical assistant to not scrubbing for surgery at all.

An American applicant must be aware of this possibility when investigating overseas fellowship options and may only want to consider an observational fellowship if it is planned in addition to more hands on surgical training elsewhere and preferably beforehand. That said, once you have achieved surgical competence it is possible to learn a tremendous amount of surgical wisdom by observing an expert, so it is not accurate to view such fellowships as valueless.

Keep in mind that the surgical experience for otolaryngology trainees in other countries may be very different than what Americans may expect. In this latter setting, a fellowship director may not have the expectation that a resident graduate has sufficient background experience to perform anything more than very basic procedures independently.

The European system of training otolaryngologists has an excellent track record and most of the prominent departments eventually produce highly competent ENT surgeons, but keep in mind that simply plugging an American residency graduate into this system may be complicated.

That said, outstanding European otolaryngology fellowship options for Americans certainly do exist. Insist to be put in touch with several recent fellows and get an impression of their experiences. How was time allocated? How much operative autonomy is given? How heavily are fellows supervised? What are the resident teaching expectations? Was it enjoyable? What does practice look like after graduation? For example, a fellowship-trained neurotologist may remove tonsils, perform endoscopic sinus surgery, or complete a neck dissection.

In fact, it is actually quite common for overseas trained otolaryngologists to complete multiple fellowships in several different subspecialties or to complete multiple fellowships in a single subspecialty at several different locations. As such, it may not actually be the intent of a particular fellowship program to act as a comprehensive subspecialty training experience.

There is no simple answer since the prerequisites, application process, and paperwork involved will vary tremendously from country to country. For example, in some instances fellows may be selected without a personal interview or letters of recommendation.

Foreign language competency is usually required for any paid position that involves direct patient care. Each country will have its own unique licensure requirements, credentialing process, and visa application. For established fellowships that have a history of hosting many international fellows there is likely to be a well-defined process in place.

Being a trailblazer in such a program is extremely risky, as uncharted logistical territory could stall your clinical experience. Learn whether Americans have filled the post in the past and if there were any barriers to obtaining a medical license.

As a general rule, Americans wanting to go overseas should expect a time-consuming process that is much more burdensome than pursuing a domestic fellowship. Given this reality and the fact that some overseas fellowships do not share common start dates with the American training calendar, it may be necessary to have a waiting period lasting for up to a year after completion of residency before being able to begin an international fellowship.

Thus, having contingency plans such as moonlighting or research is a good idea. One must also consider the financial implications of heading overseas.IU School of Medicine is the only academic medical center in the state of Indiana that serves a population of more than six million head and neck cancer patients. The primary strength of the otolaryngology fellowship program stems from the enthusiasm of the faculty members, from their breadth and depth of patient care and from their wealth of teaching experience.

Fellows gain exposure to techniques involved in advanced ablative and endocrine procedures, open and endoscopic skull base surgery, and head and neck reconstruction. This includes a large volume of free tissue transfers as well as transoral approaches to throat malignancies both CO2 laser and transoral robotic surgery.

Fellows also have opportunity to get hands-on exposure to the medical and radiation oncology care of head and neck cancer patients. Head and neck fellows are involved in all major head and neck surgical cases. Each week, fellows lead their own outpatient clinic for a half to one full day, where they see patients with general otolaryngology and head and neck disorders.

They are also be provided a half to one full day per week to schedule their own operative procedures from this practice. At any time, the fellow may approach other staff from the institution to assist with or provide surgical backup for the procedures.

fellowships in head and neck surgery for international students

The resident team, headed by the chief resident, has primary responsibility of day-to-day patient care, however, fellows are asked to actively follow all major head and neck patients and oversee their care with additional attending supervision. Fellows also have the opportunity to spend two weeks on the medical oncology service primarily in clinic and an additional two weeks in clinic with the head and neck radiation oncology team to gain a more in-depth appreciation for these aspects of cancer therapy.

Fellows are included in the staff otolaryngology call schedule and cover approximately four weeks of call during the year. They are also asked to be available, within reason, for active issues that arise with in-patient head and neck cancer patients. Head and neck surgical fellows are integrated into the team with the goal of optimizing the training experience while improving patient care.

Once proficiency is demonstrated, fellows transition into a supervised staff role, where they instruct residents on moderately complex head and neck surgical procedures such as neck dissections, thyroidectomies, and salivary gland surgery. Fellows work with the head and neck surgical staff for all free flap harvests and microvascular anastamoses, with senior residents incorporated when appropriate.

The chief resident has the primary responsibility of dictating patient care, with fellows maintaining direct communication with the team on all major head and neck cases. Head and neck fellows are intimately involved in training of residents and medical students during the fellowship experience.

At the completion of the academic year, fellows teach a portion of the head and neck reconstructive section at the annual IU Anatomy and Histopathology Course. This allows fellows to reinforce their experience in free flap harvest and head and neck reconstructive theory as they prepare to transition into practice. Applications for the fellowship year beginning in July will be accepted starting December of through the Advanced Training Council of the American Head and Neck Society.

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fellowships in head and neck surgery for international students

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fellowships in head and neck surgery for international students

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Applicants who completed their medical education outside of the US or Canada:

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Fellowships in head and neck surgery for international students
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