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The Great Expedition patch introduced a lot of new and interesting aspects to life at sea in Black Desert Online. In this BDO sailing guide, I will explain how to get your first ship, how shipbuilding changed, how the new barter system works, sailors and the new sailing skill, and more.

BDO Hotspot Fishing Guide 2020

Before you start sailing you need something to sail. In the old days, we only had rafts, rowboats and fishing boats. And while those boats are still slightly useful, the first ship you should now get is the Bartali Sailboat.

bdo frigate guide

Try it and see how you like it. Controlling your ship is pretty straightforward. You steer it with the WSAD buttons or with your mouse like normally. The only thing you need to keep in mind is whether your sails are folded or not. If you are sailing against the wind you want to have your sails folded, but when you have the wind in the back you want to have your sails unfolded. On the ship info screen, you get all the information you need to see how your ship is doing.

To access the screen you can either use the F5 button or the R button depending on where you are standing on your ship. You can also equip ship gear on this screen.

There are five types of ship gear with two tiers, green and blue. As usual, the blue grade is more expensive but gives somewhat better stats. There are also two versions of each blue grade gear and then there is separate gear for sailboats and frigates.

To get your hands on blue grade gear you will either need to make it yourself or buy it from the central market. To craft blue ship gear you need to have a level 4 ship gear workshop. There is one like that in Port Epheria. Finally, you can see the extra abilities you get with your ship once your sailing skill reaches a certain point. Once you have a certificate you need to find and talk to a sailor looking for a job and hire them through the chat interface.

To find the location of sailors looking for a job you can talk to Philaberto, Croix or Islin and ask them about hiring sailors.

Sailors looking for a job have a tag above their head which tells you what type of sailor he is. The table below has all the starting stats on each type of sailor you can get so you should refer to it when you are getting yourself a new sailor. Now as your sailors gain experience these stats will also improve to some extent. Which type of sailor is best depends entirely on what you intend to do with your ship.

If you are going to use it for trading and bartering then sailors with speed boosts and low weight are best, such as innocent and ambitious types, while if you intend to use your ship for combat situations of some sort then sailors which give your ship better turn, break and acceleration become more important.

In the image above you can see the sailor interface. Weight is also important as this number is redacted from the total carrying capacity of your ship. So having a heavy crewmember reduces the weight of goods you can carry without slowing down.

The later four abilities are only gained when the sailor reaches level Seasoned Sailor reduces the negative effects of sea currents, Son of the Wind reduces the effect of sea storms, Abstain reduces the number of rations needed each cycle and Natural Born Soldier gives your ship extra resilience. You need to feed your sailor with raisin bread to restore his condition. If a sailors condition reaches 0 he becomes sick.

To cure him you need to give him an Elixir of Regeneration.

Enhancing Boss Gear From 0 to TRI: The Complete Guide

You start out with a single slot for sailors. You can then use those oaths to expand your sailor slots.The Epheria Sailboat came with the Magoria expansion, which introduced the Magoria continent and the vast ocean between them. The Epheria sailboat is the largest boat a player can build outside a guild and creating one is a daunting task. It is both faster than the fishing boat and can be equipped with cannons, which gives it a distinct advantage over the fishing boat should you run into any sea monsters when navigating the sea between Calpheon and Magoria.

As it is so hard to build it is doubtful that an Epheria ship license will become available on the market anytime soon if everso to get one you will need to build your own from scratch.

In this guide, I will go over the steps needed for you to create your very own Epheria sailboat. As you can see this is a huge list to fill, particularly since you will most likely need to chop all the logs for the standardized timber squares all by yourself. You will also need to spend quite some time processing the raw materials into the final products you can use for the boat and frankly you should not start this process before your processing skill as either close to or above artisan 1.

The easiest way to the Epheria sailboat designs is to complete daily missions that are available in Port Epheria. At the top of the town, near the node manager, there is an NPC called Philaberto that offers a daily mission which rewards contribution points and a choice between a 1G gold bar or a single Epheria sailboat design.

The mission itself is simply to move a couple of crates to the wharf manager down below and takes about 5 minutes to complete. In addition, you can complete a weekly mission which starts at another NPC called Katio which can be found at Nada Island in Magoria and you can also complete a one time quest which starts with the storage keeper in Port Epheria.

Both of these missions require you to go to Magoria so there is some added effort involved compared to the daily quest. This is the hard one. To get standard timber squares you need to chop trees and collect a vast amount of logs. You then need to use processing to chop the logs into Usable Scantling and then again to change the Usable Scantling to Standardized Timber Squares.

The amount of logs you need depends on your processing skill as you get more items out of each processing run at higher skill levels. A rough estimate would be around to Steel ingots are made by melting together coal and melted iron shards with processing. Coal can only be gotten by having workers gather it in coal nodes which are found around Keplan. You will, therefore, need to invest some contribution points into the nodes there.

However, there is no need to connect Keplan to your town network if you don't want to. Iron shards are made from melting iron ore with processing. Iron ore can be mined from veldspar rocks or by having workers gather it in iron ore nodes that are to be found all over the lands of Black Desert Online. Pine plywood is made by processing pine planks and pine planks are made by processing pine timber.

Pine timber is gathered by chopping pine trees, which also gives the logs needed for Standardized Timber Squares as do all trees. Pine timber can also be gathered by workers in the pine timber nodes which are found in two places, near the Serendia Temple and Marie Cave. Having your workers collect pine timber from at least one of the nodes while at the same time chopping pine trees for logs is the fastest way to get the needed amount of both logs and pine timber, unless you can buy them from the market.

It is, therefore, a wise choice to use some contribution points to get some workers on at least one of those nodes.The components of the boat upgrades can be upgraded with Blackstones, they also have a seperate lifetime to the boat so you can take them off and on whenever you want.

How to upgrade Bartali Sailboat to Epheria Sailboat or Epheria Frigate

Do the components of boats e. Fishing Boat Prow that can be upgraded with Black Stones have a lifespan like boats? If not, do they have durability and how are they repaired? Off-topic: Also components for wagons, like wheels… do they have the same behaviour or no? You must be logged in to post a comment. Thank you to everyone who has supported us. We would also like to give a huge thank you to Ashelin for previously hosting the site, our guide contributors, and Luis for everything he has done.

Set Alarms. Remember Me Register Forgotten Password. Ships Guide. Apr 04 Acquiring these ships can be done two ways, buying them off the auction house or crafting. As the ships get larger, more materials and effort are required to construct them. Pre-requisites for this guide! This guide will not cover how to create and sustain workers! Creating a Raft Start in Velia Town and look for this house. If you left click on the house you should see this interface.

Right click on the Shipyard and select re-purpose or buy. This will cost you 5, silver and some contribution points CP After purchase, you have to wait 2 hours for the building to convert.

Once the building has finished converting you now need to gather the resources to craft the ship. After you have gotten all the materials needed to craft the ship you have to select what ship you want to build.

Warning Cancelling ship construction will reverse all progress and delete used materials.The Queen Anne's Revenge was one of the most famous pirate frigates in the Caribbean. A frigate was a type of warship. The term has been used for warships of many sizes and roles over the past few centuries. Frigates in the 18th century were usually square-rigged. In the Age of Piracythe term referred to ships which were as long as a ship of the line and were square-rigged on all three masts full riggedbut were faster and with lighter armament.

A ship could not be considered a frigate unless it had a single gundeck and either a forcastle and quarterdeck above, or a full topdeck over it. Larger ships with over one gundeck can be considered Great Frigates. Frigate was originally a long, narrow nautical vessel used on the Mediterranean Seapropelled by either oars or sail or both. Later, during the 17th and early 18th century, the term was applied to a very fast vessel carrying 24 to 44 guns on a single flush gun deck.

Frigates were employed by the European naval powers in large numbers as commerce raiders and for blockade duty but also for patrolling and escort. A Spanish Royal Navy privateer frigate. Frigates were rated into two classes: fifth and sixth rates, with the very occasional fourth.

Fourth rates carrying cannons could be considered frigates if they had only one gundeck instead of two. A pirate frigate sails from Padres Del Fuego. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Sparrow, why the pirate captain of this frigate didn't take the entire cargo of rum? Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save.Dulfy 38 Comments Nov 29, Explore the expansive seas looking for long lost shipwrecks that can be found on the seabeds within Black Desert Online.

This article states: For the Underworld Exploration event, Knowledges of the points of interest MUST be obtained with a character who has not obtained the same knowledge. Raw coral plus ruby makes red, red with resplendent makes the twilight, twilight with titanium shards melted not ingots gets the ingots you need. If you use yellows you must use topaz if you use blue you must use sapphires etc.

It was far quicker buying 5 stacks of 20 a day than farming all the coral pieces. Getting coral was slower than farming logs. But diving for coral is a lot less boring than endless lumbering to me anyhow.

Gear Progression & Failstacking Guide

There is an island east of lema island where you trade in the bowties from pirates called Al Naha about midway between lema and al naha there is a deep trench with lots of coral and about 8 giant pearl oysters and it respawns fairly quickly especially if you change servers.

I also use agile seal potions for extra breath holding and boiled shellfish made from pearl oyster flesh for extra time. Yeah I tried that place too. But even with the shark suit and other things it just takes too long. That and the anchor for gathering some water objects is buggy as hell and makes it harder to gather despite having the cat mark the exact gathering location. Would also be nice if they added an option to make already gathered items be translucent or something someday. Okay so what exactly do I need to make enhanced flax fabric?

Lol have fun trying to gather the max K logs for the new ship without those temporary vouchers. You need a harpoon and a fishing boat. I got nearly half the timber squares with the vouchers and a few hours of lumbering. I had a heckuva time finding the mission for the skilled grinding, go to your missions tab and go to recommended missions and find the certifications tab. It starts in Trent you make plywood then Behr for a hide then you can finally go to the city and talk to the materials vendor to get the gemstone quests that end up giving you skilled grinding.

I could not make the sail material until I got it was sort of maddening to figure it out. Has anyone found where the new sailors can be employed? Yes Bravant doesnt have one and i havent find any available sailors for frigate on bddatabase. High chance that there are none for it available in-game. I had the same question thanks for the answer. I will hold out hope that they simply allow the originals to work on the frigate they were expensive they should work on either you can only sail one ship at a time anyway.

The production nodes by Arehaza Town are just so far and slow.This guide is more advanced and detailed than our Enhancing guide. It covers how to fail stack efficiently and what sort of fail stacks you should be using to enhance your gear.

Even if you ultimate the gear, use these guidelines. Remember that when you are failstacking, keep an eye on your failstacks and save the failstacks for higher enhances if it goes past the recommendations.

Log onto another character or use an Advice of Valks to begin failstacking back to the recommended failstacks. This will repair 30 durability and works out much cheaper than using memory fragments to repair. Characters under level 10 can revive instantly on the spot. To create the negative alt, you will need to kill horses to lose karma. Be careful to not reset the horse by chasing it in a straight line and instead attack it from the sides.

You can also ask a friend to help you by lowering the HP of the horse first and allowing you to last hit it. Once your character is under 1, negative karma, you can equip gear and then die to the guards around the town. As well, if your character is level 10 or lower and in the Balenos region, you can revive instantly on the spot without using Elions Tears. You should do your enhancing in Velia because of this and also because you can buy Reblath from the Blacksmith in Velia. Next you want to get your gear to DUO.

You should DUO your weapons and armor first, then work towards replacing some of your accessories. Work on replacing the last of your accessories. You should aim to always have around accuracy. If possible you should now be trying to obtain boss gear as well by killing World Bosses when they spawn.

You can also try to snipe boss gear from the market place. Kzarka Weapons, and Dandelion Awakening Weapons are the highest priority. Now you want to ideally get all your gear to TRI. You should prioritize your weapons first, starting with your mainhand.

At this point you should aim to get all boss pieces and improve your necklace and belt. This alone will significantly increase your AP. You want to make sure that you still have around accuracy and should be aiming to use JIN Vipers in your gloves. You will also want to enhance your accessories to at least match the ones in the example. You must be logged in to post a comment. Thank you to everyone who has supported us. We would also like to give a huge thank you to Ashelin for previously hosting the site, our guide contributors, and Luis for everything he has done.

bdo frigate guide

Set Alarms. Remember Me Register Forgotten Password. Mar 22 Dulfy 12 Comments Nov 1, To unlock their recipes you will need to do a small series of quests. Trina Matchlock can be used when equipped in the primary weapon slot. It also requires you to equip Trina Lead Bullet in the offhand slot.

The bullet has a durability of and must be replaced when it goes down to 0 by crafting an additional bullet. It can be enhanced to PEN and the enhancement process is identical to weapons. Trina Demolition Axe is a two handed weapon cannot use the offhand slot that deals extra damage against Fortress Gate, Walls and Annex. Go to Trent and find Dalian. He will have the quest State-of-the-Art Firearm for you. Completing this quest will reward you with the knowledge for Trina Matchlock to allow you to craft more and a Trina Matchlock.

Pick up this quest from Dalian after finishing State of the Art Firearm. You will need to hand the following to Dalian. Pick up this quest from Dalian after finishing The Deadliest Metal. Completing this quest will give you the Knowledge for Trina Demolition Axe and the Knowledge to craft it. Once you have the Knowledge of these Trina Siege weapons, you can start making them with the Manufacture skill under Processing. Just throwing it out there, they released yearling earnings report since your comment and they have done wildly well.

They just released and expansion a couple months ago and will be releasing another one soon and a new class. Game is on fire now! Contents 1 General Info 2 Questline 2.

bdo frigate guide

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bdo frigate guide

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